Premium Concrete Cutting Inc. is a local concrete cutting contractor that specializes in core drilling.

Renovations to commercial buildings and/or structures often require core drilling. Drilling cores through concrete walls and concrete surfaces requires specialized diamond drill bits that allow us to cut through walls as thick as they make them! Premium Concrete Cutting can drill cores in horizontal and vertical flat surfaces in order to create an opening for piping, ventilation, electrical and more. Depending on your project needs, we can core through walls at various diameters from as small as 2" in diameter to as large as 48" inches in diameter.

Being that we are a local core drilling contractor, we often perform core drilling services for various local geotechnical engineering firms as part of project planning. Core drilling of pavements is performed to verify a surface's actual depth and material makeup. When core drilling for materials engineering companies, we preserve the cored material so that its cross-section can be documented and studied further to determine if sub surfaces are suitable to build on.

If you are seeking a local core drilling contractor that can assist you in concrete wall or pavement core drilling then look no further. We are local and ready to visit your job site in order to provide an accurate cost estimate on core drilling services. Contact us today!